We are one of the largest independent Salt Products Manufacturers & Exporter Sargodha, Pakistan, and we own one of the largest distribution network of Salt Products in USA. We sell our refined & natural salt products to retailers, including private-brand marketers and commercial consumers, and we also distribute our refined products through a large network of retail stores ,Salt Spa,Salt Caves and stations. We have an extensive distribution network, which we use to deliver our products to wholesale and retail market areas. We believe the efficiency, flexibility and optionality in our integrated system allows us to capture opportunities in the markets we serve and have been the keys to the success and strong financial performance of our business.

AFNQ Enterprises

My name is Kathy Quinlan. I have been in the wellness business for more than 12 years. I am the owner of a well established Spa and Himalayan Salt Cave in Westport, Massachusetts. The therapeutic benefits my clients receive from the salt products and my salt cave has inspired me to take my salt business further. I am committed to bringing high quality salt products to my clients and other businesses for personal, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I know the importance of having high quality salt products and exceptional customer service which is why I have partnered with CITRN Salt Shape Pakistan & CITRN Salt USA. I look forward to building a positive business relationship with you.